Ancient ports

This site presents a compilation of data about Ancient ports and navigation. Nothing original in it, its advantage is that it offers, in one single place, lots of information about ports : a list of the ports, located on a map, French translation of the main sources

and for the Pontic area

It’s not an exhaustive work. For example,  in the compilation of the sources, it lacks some citations of Demosthenes work about ports : Against Lacritus, 28 for Thieves’ Harbor, Against Leptines, 33 for Bosporus and Theodosia emporia.

Please quote the blog if you further disseminate the information presented here.



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Doctorant en histoire ancienne à l'Université de Paris X
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Un commentaire pour Ancient ports

  1. Thank you very much for your for your most valuable Demosthenes references. I’ve added them to my edited list which will be published early 2012 on my web site.

    I wonder if such a list can ever become « exhaustive » but I am on my way and I need the kind of help you just offered me: do not hesitate to send me more references of ancient ports!

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