Monthly Webinar « Mondes Pontiques »

With the limitation of travels linked with COVID-19, the need for exchanging ideas between scholars has become more crucial. In the continuity of the blog Spartokosalu which built bridges between Pontic specialists for now 10 years, I will organize an international webinar, nammed « Mondes Pontiques » consisting in a monthly 30-minutes online paper about the Black Sea during Greek and Roman era.

The whole perimeter of the Black Sea is here considered, up to 100 km inland, from the 8th c. BC until the 7th c. AD. The papers will have to be in English, French, Italian or German. If you are interested in submitting a proposal, thank you for sending an abstract (700 signs) to:

Some of the conferences are available here :

Thank you for your contribution !

Wednesday, 18th January 2023

Apollonia Ponticas coinage as a reflection of its historical and archaeological transformation.

Hristina Ivanova-Anaplioti
University of Zurich, Department of Archaeology, Classical Archaeology Division

Wednesday, 14th December 2022

Money at the margin: how to evaluate the role of coinages for intercultural trade? The case of the Black Sea

François de Callataÿ

Tuesday, 15th November 2022

Les antiquités dans les tourments de la guerre de Crimée (1854-1856)

Joanna Martin, École du Louvre – Université Paris Nanterre ArScAn UMR 7041

Wednesday, 19th October 2022

Topography around Olbia Pontica in Old Polish archives (16th c.)
Alfred Twardecki
Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology, Polish Academy of Sciences

Wednesday, 15th June 2022

Parfuming for Gods: Bust Thymiateria in Pontic Region
Tetiana Shevchenko
Institute of Archaeology National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Wednesday, 18th May 2022

The Sarmatian archaeological culture as ‘imagined entity’
Valentina Mordvintseva

Thursday 21st April 2022 : The Epigraphical Researches of Tios and Rethinking the Roman History of the Eastern Bithynia in light of the epigraphic evidence
Bülent Öztürk (Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Department of Archaeology, Istanbul)

Tuesday 15th March 2022 : Crisis in the northern Black Sea region  : The 3rd c. BC in light of the epigraphic material from Olbia Pontike by Joanna Porucznick (University of Opole)

Wednesday 16th February The Daily Life of the Potters in Sinope in the Late Antiquity by Dominique Kassab-Tezgör (Bilkent University, Department of Archaeology)

Tuesday 18th January 2022 : Late Roman and Early Christian Necropolises from Extra Muros Area at Histria. An Overview Reflected by the Recent Archaeological Excavations
by Viorica Rusu-Bolindeț
National Museum of Transylvanian History, Cluj-Napoca

Wedesday 17th November 2021 : Preliminary Results of the Studies in the South-Eastern Part of the Tanais Citadel in 2015-2019. by Tatiana Egorova (Department of Archeology Lomonosov Moscow State University) and Sergei Iliashenko (Institute of Archaeology of the Russian Academy of Sciences)

Wedesday 20th October 2021: White marble at the Black Sea. Some observations on Greek sculptures (Archaic–Hellenistic) discovered around the Pontos Euxeinos by Veronika Sossau (Department for Ancient Studies at Basel University, assistant for Classical Archaeology)

Wednesday, 22th September 2021 : Défendre une cité à la fin de l’antiquité. Zaldapa, ville des confins danubo-pontiques by Brahim M’Barek (EVEHA, membre visiteur UMR 8164 HALMA, Lille, membre associé UMR 7044 ARCHIMEDE, Strasbourg).

Wednesday, 16th June 2021 : Du nouveau sur Hérôs Héphaïstos Dabatopios et son sanctuaire de Telerig (Mésie Inférieure) par Dan Dana (Laboratoire HISOMA, Lyon)

Wednesday, 19th May 2021 : Migrant Craftspeople in the Black Sea and its approaches during the Archaic period by John Brendan Knight (University of Liverpool)

Map made by Giorgi Balakhadze, source